Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mediterranean Cruise (Part 2) - Marseille

Around 1AM this morning, we were awakened to the sound of a helicopter approaching our ship. We got up and went out on our balcony to investigate. We couldn't see anything but definitely could hear the helicopter somewhere above our ship. The helicopter pad is directly above our stateroom. After several minutes the helicopter drifted to our side of the ship and we could see a line extending from the helicopter to our deck. We watched as they lowered a stretcher down the line to our deck. Apparently the helicopter pad on this ship was not large enough for the helicopter to land. The helicopter moved back to be directly over the helicopter pad when they brought the stretcher and patient back aboard the helicopter. We watched until the helicopter departed.

We learned the next morning that we had a medical evacuation during the night. One of our fellow passengers had a heart attack and the ship had to turn around to meet the incoming helicopter. Having to divert for the med evac, the ship was late docking in Toulon.

After the ship docked, we took a bus tour of Marseille and Aix en Provence. In Marseille we saw the Notre Dame en Marseille which is located on the highest point in Marseille and gave us a nice vantage position to take pictures of the city. After that we were able to spend some time down by the harbor, marina, and fish market. We spent the afternoon walking along the narrow curving streets of the old town sections of Aix en Provence.

Our ship - Norwegian Spirit
Our guide for the tour had the annoying habit of ending every other sentence with a short "huh?" Sounded like the habit of some Americans who use the term "you know?" in a similar manner or the Canadians use of "heh?"

We've had beautiful weather; sunny and highs in the 70s. I'm thinking I didn't bring enough short sleeve shirts or shorts. We were expecting it to be quite a bit cooler.
Tomorrow Peggy is going to visit Livorno and I will be seeing Florence and Pisa, or, at least, as much as is possible in just one day.

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