Friday, April 19, 2013

Mediterranean Cruise (Part 3) - Tuscany

After our walking tour of Aix en Provence yesterday, Peggy and I stopped at a small establishment on a small plaza and ordered a wine and a  beer (very good beer). The cost of our drinks came to 6 Euros, and I gave the waiter 10 expecting some change. He stood near our table with the bill and money in his hand while talking over us to friends at a nearby table. After his conversation he continued to stand there and just look over the plaza.

"Change," I asked? (I don't speak French either.)

He looked at me like are you still here? "But of course," he said.

I was amused by the contrast between the look and the sincerity of his voice.

Having a cool one in Aix en Provence.

Today Peggy and I split up; I went to Florence and Pisa and she went to Cinque Terre. I was blown away by the art and architecture I saw in Florence and Peggy took a lot of pictures she can turn into paintings.
Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence
By the way, I fixed the leaning tower in Pisa. All it took was to tilt the camera. Now, the tower is vertical and the ground is tilted. But, that's okay; dipping sediment, like folded rock, is more interesting.


About 7PM the ship left the port of Livorno and tomorrow we will be in Rome.

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